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Steel Pipe Standing desk (a different approach)

I’ve had a stand up desk for a couple of years now. I love standing at my desk, but I don’t stand all day, I alternate between standing and sitting at a stool at the desk. Alternation works best for me. If I stand all day I noticed that my legs would get tired or even sore! Standing at your desk may make your legs tired. But time spent standing at your desk is said to reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer – via Five Health Benefits of Standing Desks. Standing at your desk alone is not going to grant you all those health benefits though! I exercise daily, taking a bike ride, going on a run, commuting on my bicycle, and eating well. It’s all about a well balanced approach!

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Performance minded design comps

When designers hand over a PSD for a new website the first thing that happens is my eyes crawl the design. I am already building the architecture and framework of the site in my head. What becomes immediately apparent is whether I can accomplish a visual design element with code or whether I will have to use an image. Then comes the part where I begin to shatter any hopes for the designs survival.

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