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Get object IDs per post for the WooCommerce Memberships plugin

The function below will show you how to get the page/post IDs or taxonomy term IDs for restricted content for chosen WooCommerce Memberships levels which have been assigned to a post or page.

Recently I needed to get each restricted category ID for the WooCommerce memberships plan associated with a particular page. Unfortunately that function doesn’t exists in the plugins helper functions. With a little digging we came up with a good solution that will return the object IDs for either a 'post_type' or a 'taxonomy' object which has been content restricted.

This is useful if you are trying to query those associated posts or categories from a particular post or page. You may even want to link an associated page or category. Using the IDs you can easily use a common WordPress function to do so. The page/posts or taxonomy term ID’s will be returned in an array.

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WordPress Plugin Integration with Custom Theme Development

(Warning: this article contains heavy usage of the word “custom”, and it may or may not be surrounded in quotations)

I just built a custom WordPress theme that relies heavily on the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin. This is the first time I’ve ever done this, and I was reluctant to do so. I didn’t want to have a theme hinged upon this one plugin.

But it doesn’t have to be …

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The shortfalls of [shortcodes]

One of the greatest things about WordPress plugins and themes is the ability to add shortcodes to do something fancy to your post content. Introduced in version 2.5, shortcodes are a simple set of functions for creating macro codes for use in post content. The most common of these is of course the gallery shortcode.

It enables plugin developers to create special kinds of content (e.g. forms, content generators) that users can attach to certain pages by adding the corresponding shortcode into the page text.
WordPress Codex on the shortcode API

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All in One Events Calendar OR The Events Calendar ??

For the purposes of consistency and clarity I will be referring to the two calendars in reference to their creators. The All in One Events Calendar as Timely Calendar and The Events Calendar as Tribe Calendar. I will also be reviewing the premium and pro versions of each respective plugin. I originally begin writing this as a side by side comparison of the two plugins each and every feature. I was doing this in conjunction with working on a calendar feature for a client. Choosing a calendar based on “features” ended up not being the deciding aspect on which calendar I ended up using. But as Tom McFarlin puts it:

… the top-to-bottom, end-to-end experience that goes into using the product. what helped me make my decision in which calendar to use. This includes:

the quality of the code, the landing page, the support, the user’s experience with installing and configuring the plugin, and the available documentation.

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