I will help you find the right solution for your idea or goal by acting as a liaison between your business and your goals online.

You may find yourself shopping around with various design / development shops. I think that is great! You should be shopping around. But I would like to help you make a decision based on my experience in the field. If you choose to use my service great! If not… no problem! All I ask is a little compensation for the help. Sound good?


I generally start by asking you some questions and getting to know your business and goals. Then we will get more specific and find the best approach for your situation. Whether you are a business or an individual, properly brainstorming your web presence with a web professional is highly recommended. This applies to you if you already have a website or are planning one.

Thinking about changing your online approach?

Do you own a website but are thinking about a redesign or switching content management systems? Are you shopping around for the best designer or developer in town. Before you make your decision I would love to help you find the best approach. I will take a non-competitive look at your options and give you my honest professional opinion about what I think you should do. I am not trying to sell you anything, just my brain.

Sound good? Lets talk.

Need help with WordPress?

Do you already have a WordPress site? Are you stuck, puzzled, or confused? I also offer WordPress training and consulting. I have worked with many business that setup a WordPress site quickly with a premium theme from a theme marketplace like Themeforest or Templatemonster and quickly found themselves drowning in a sea of options and settings. Maybe this isn’t the best theme for you or perhaps you can make your WordPress environment more lean. I can help you trim things down, offer training, or re-tool your website for performance.

Consultation Fees

My general consultation fee is $120 per hour. After our session I will produce a report and summary which you can take with you as you decide the best approach for your business.