Environmental Paper Network

The Environmental Paper Network was a custom build for an organization doing amazing work. The site design was carefully planned and laid out. Jenny Greer at Sound Mind Creative did an incredible job designing the site. We had several meetings with Joshua Martin at the EPN to flush out the goals of the EPN’s website before diving into wireframing. We then went through a content audit and sketched out the information architecture behind the site.

The design was built with the content at the helm and the development of the WordPress theme was also built from scratch. Much of the data structure behind the theme was built to support the administrators add and edit their own content. Custom fields were in heavy use with the aid of Advanced Custom Fields. Some custom functionality was ported over to a plugin in order to have the EPN’s data be portable in case they decide to switch themes down the road. We went through a hosting migration and hosting selection as well.

I am very pleased with the turnout and it is fun to see projects continue to grow. Nothing remains static and as organizations grow and change their goals and objectives with their websites change with them. I look forward to helping the EPN change and grow.

Asheville on Bikes

Asheville on Bikes is a project I deeply care about. As stated on their site,

Asheville on Bikes cultivates the culture of commuting and urban cycling within our city through celebration and advocacy. We believe bicycling has a direct impact on the health of our community.”

So I was excited to help them build a website where they could publish content and further their efforts as stated above.

The website was designed by Aaron Bailey and built starting with the Underscores starter theme.