Alena Hennessy

Alena is an amazing artist and I was privileged to work with her on her own site. We had worked together on previous custom WordPress theme for the artist Paula Madonna and things went really well. Alena and I sat down and discussed what she wants to achieve with her own website. Many things came up, e-commerce, training seminars, blogging, responsive design, etc…

This website was built off of Alena’s custom design work. The foundation of the site is built up from the Underscores starter theme with the Unsemantic grid system baked in. We incorporated WooCommerce into the the site using their well documented hooks and filters to achieve specific functionality and feel. Sensei (a premium online course plugin) is installed as well to handle the online courses.

The slideshow and carousel is a custom plugin I built using the Flexslider from WooThemes. I looked around for a plugin that did what I wanted to and just couldn’t find it. So I built a plugin to specifically for Alena’s site. In this plugin which I called ‘slack-slider’ you can group your slides into specific slide groups for use on any part of your site and add the slides with a simple shortcode. For example if there are 6 slides in the group “homepage” I can add the shortcode [slack-slider group=”homepage” type=”slider”] . The type is there because there are two slider types associated with the slider carousel and slider. The carousel is the feature you see on Alena’s homepage underneath the main slider. It was fun to build and I am still improving it.

If you would like Alena to design a site for you please get in touch with her and perhaps I’ll build it as well.