All in One Events Calendar OR The Events Calendar ??

For the purposes of consistency and clarity I will be referring to the two calendars in reference to their creators. The All in One Events Calendar as Timely Calendar and The Events Calendar as Tribe Calendar. I will also be reviewing the premium and pro versions of each respective plugin. I originally begin writing this as a side by side comparison of the two plugins each and every feature. I was doing this in conjunction with working on a calendar feature for a client. Choosing a calendar based on “features” ended up not being the deciding aspect on which calendar I ended up using. But as Tom McFarlin puts it:

… the top-to-bottom, end-to-end experience that goes into using the product. what helped me make my decision in which calendar to use. This includes:

the quality of the code, the landing page, the support, the user’s experience with installing and configuring the plugin, and the available documentation.

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