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Get object IDs per post for the WooCommerce Memberships plugin

The function below will show you how to get the page/post IDs or taxonomy term IDs for restricted content for chosen WooCommerce Memberships levels which have been assigned to a post or page.

Recently I needed to get each restricted category ID for the WooCommerce memberships plan associated with a particular page. Unfortunately that function doesn’t exists in the plugins helper functions. With a little digging we came up with a good solution that will return the object IDs for either a 'post_type' or a 'taxonomy' object which has been content restricted.

This is useful if you are trying to query those associated posts or categories from a particular post or page. You may even want to link an associated page or category. Using the IDs you can easily use a common WordPress function to do so. The page/posts or taxonomy term ID’s will be returned in an array.

To get the array on your page use the function like so:

// get the term ids associated with the membership plan
$terms = wc_get_membership_term_ids( 'taxonomy', get_the_id() );