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Get object IDs per post for the WooCommerce Memberships plugin

The function below will show you how to get the page/post IDs or taxonomy term IDs for restricted content for chosen WooCommerce Memberships levels which have been assigned to a post or page.

Recently I needed to get each restricted category ID for the WooCommerce memberships plan associated with a particular page. Unfortunately that function doesn’t exists in the plugins helper functions. With a little digging we came up with a good solution that will return the object IDs for either a 'post_type' or a 'taxonomy' object which has been content restricted.

This is useful if you are trying to query those associated posts or categories from a particular post or page. You may even want to link an associated page or category. Using the IDs you can easily use a common WordPress function to do so. The page/posts or taxonomy term ID’s will be returned in an array.

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WordPress Resources for Businesses and Site Owners

Every business that uses or intends to use WordPress faces common obstacles. These may include finding qualified developers to build a theme, finding particular plugins to achieve a task or not knowing where to find help online to fix an issue.

Below I have added helpful WordPress resources where you can find solid answers and help from the WordPress community. You can skip to the topic below:

  1. Themes
  2. Page builder Plugins
  3. Finding the right WordPress plugin
  4. Managed WordPress Hosting
  5. WordPress Support Services
  6. Maintaining Multiple WordPress installs
  7. Learning WordPress
  8. Staying Connected in the WordPress Community
  9. Turnkey WordPress site solutions

You can also watch my WordCamp presentation where I go over many of the resources listed in this post:

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Premium Theme, Free Theme, Child Theme or Custom WordPress theme?

Choosing a WordPress theme is hard. To complicate matters, choosing between a premium theme, free theme, child theme or building a custom theme can be daunting! It can also have a significant impact on your business.

What are your options for a WordPress theme?

When it comes to WordPress themes, generally you have 4 options. You can …

  1. Install a free theme 
  2. Buy a premium theme
  3. Modify a theme with a child theme
  4. Build a custom theme

Which one is right for your business totally depends.

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Steel Pipe Standing desk (a different approach)

I’ve had a stand up desk for a couple of years now. I love standing at my desk, but I don’t stand all day, I alternate between standing and sitting at a stool at the desk. Alternation works best for me. If I stand all day I noticed that my legs would get tired or even sore! Standing at your desk may make your legs tired. But time spent standing at your desk is said to reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer – via Five Health Benefits of Standing Desks. Standing at your desk alone is not going to grant you all those health benefits though! I exercise daily, taking a bike ride, going on a run, commuting on my bicycle, and eating well. It’s all about a well balanced approach!

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Pure javascript multi-level navigation in WordPress

For some time now I have been using a pure javascript drop down menu script called Drop in my WordPress themes for simple mobile friendly multi-level navigation. I really like it because it doesn’t rely on any external libraries like jQuery. The library was created and is maintained by Chris Ferdindandi.

For the latest versions of Drop (version 6.1.1 at the time of this writing) I have needed to create a custom Walker Nav to add data attributes to list items which have sub-menus, initialize drop with some custom options, and use another small library called Astro (also maintained by Chris, and also written in pure javascript) to expand and collapse the menu on small screens.

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Performance minded design comps

When designers hand over a PSD for a new website the first thing that happens is my eyes crawl the design. I am already building the architecture and framework of the site in my head. What becomes immediately apparent is whether I can accomplish a visual design element with code or whether I will have to use an image. Then comes the part where I begin to shatter any hopes for the designs survival.

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Information Architecture and WordPress Projects

Here is the video I gave at WordCamp Atlanta in 2014. Information Architecture or IA is very important to your WordPress projects. In fact, before building a custom theme for a client you should have a clear understanding of their mission, goals, and content in order to design and build a more effective WordPress theme.

In this video I explain the basics of Information Architecture and WordPress:

If you are tasked with putting together a WordPress theme for a client organization or business the theme you select is very important. Perhaps your first inclination is to choose a theme that looks great or let your client choose a theme that they are happy with. This practice however can have negative repercussions for your client. This talk discusses how to appropriately choose a theme or build a theme that supports your clients goals. Using information architecture we can better select themes or build new ones.  – 

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Responsive Featured Image function in WordPress themes

[UPDATE – May 23rd ’14]

I have included an update to this article which features new code and a downloadable plugin. Please note that this post simply shows a method I use to implement featured images into projects I am working on. If you attempt to use this method in your projects you could run into unforeseen issues. This is especially true if you are not familiar with developing in PHP or WordPress. I don’t recommend trying to implement this into your theme as such as it is not simply obtained by copy and paste. This article simply shows a method I use.

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Simple Featured Image Function for your WordPress theme!

Many times in theme development when we want to include a featured image we may just include the post thumbnail function like this example taken from the codex:

if ( has_post_thumbnail() ) { // check if the post has a Post Thumbnail assigned to it.
<?php the_content(); ?>

This may be fine. But what if you want to include the featured image in various places in your theme with different attributes such as image size? You could paste this function like this the_post_thumbnail('large'); but you also want to check if the post or page has a featured image in which you would paste the code above with the if statement has_post_thumbnail() as shown above.

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WordPress Plugin Integration with Custom Theme Development

(Warning: this article contains heavy usage of the word “custom”, and it may or may not be surrounded in quotations)

I just built a custom WordPress theme that relies heavily on the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin. This is the first time I’ve ever done this, and I was reluctant to do so. I didn’t want to have a theme hinged upon this one plugin.

But it doesn’t have to be …

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